Thursday, 30 June 2011

Whats happened.

I need to condense down the past few l can start blogging about the 'now'.

It took time for me to settle into my new family.
There were lots of ' teething problems ' ha.

Mum was frustrated and even in tears occasionally, constantly wondering why she thought l was a good idea.

Especially the day she caught me on her sideboard eating her 40th birthday flowers, they had to be put in a room that nobody uses after that. Abit of a waste l thought.

I chewed alot, yes ALOT. On anything. Furniture, clothing, hands, whatever was nearest.
Don't be fooled by my cute fluffy face, l also have a nasty face where my nose crinkles up and l bare my teeth, usually seen just before l lunge and bite.
Mum was worried that l could be ' a nasty piece of work ' and even now she won't leave me in the room with Girl17 and Boy8 without being able to hear us.

I have got better though. The lungeing and biting l have been told is unacceptable so l am trying hard not to do it.
When l forget and do it now Mum puts me straight in my room for a few minutes to calm down. Mum says l'm a nice calm boy when she lets me back out -------- she calls it ' time out '.

I must take after my Mum and be crafty without knowing it.
Mum does lots of crafty things, knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving, sewing OR she did do before l came along ha,ha.
Its not really fair but Mum has moved everything out of my way.
All l did was take some fibre from the spinning wheel, apparently merino and silk is expensive and doesn't spin well with dog spit on it.
Oh and l also take the knitting and crochet if its left in reach, the wool is all nice and squishy in my mouth.

When l first came there were lots of nice things but Mum has now put them all in cupboards -------- l wonder why?
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