Saturday, 25 June 2011

So, chewing is naughty.

I have the last 9 weeks to fill in before l can start telling you my day to day life.
As l said Mum and Dad thought l was a cute fluffy puppy when they picked me up.
Little did they know that l was also a monster in a fur coat with little shark teeth.

Those first few weeks were very frustrating for my new Mum. I know she wondered alot more than once if l was a good idea.

I don't mean to be naughty but sometimes things just need to be chewed. I am teething aswell you know.

Mum is thankful that l haven't eaten into the leather suite. (yet).
I have put teethmarks into the bottom of the nice coffee table, the fireplace and the kitchen chairs. The furniture is quite rustic so l think l've added a nice touch.
I also ripped a piece of skirting board off in my room. It looks better that way and l ripped up the front door mat too.
I did chew Mums rug for a while too ( she's away now as l weed on it ).
Mum got quite clever and tried lots of different things, l liked most of them until she tried tobasco sauce and made a spray with water.
Thats horrible, it burns my mouth and l stop chewing things she's sprayed with it. I also have to bark at it once its been sprayed, just to show it who's boss.

Mum has been putting my baby teeth in a box to keep as l lose them and l am now getting my big boy teeth.
Once they come through they don't hurt as much so l don't feel the need to chew all the time.
Mum sometimes gives me an ice cube to chew when l get abit 'chewy', apparently it numbs my gums so my teeth don't hurt.
I did get lots of chew toys bought but the furniture is much better.

Its funny, outside l am allowed to chew wood but inside l get shouted at.
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